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Little things #4: Cover Me!

JapanĀ  has garnered a reputation for itself as a number of things: responsible for the rest of the world’s knowledge of sushi, exporter of animations and games for geeks everywhere, leading provider and founder of tentacle porn, and…oh yeah, they … Continue reading

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Little Things #2: Oh! …miyage

Omiyage (pronounced oh-mee-yah-gay) can be roughly translated as souvenir. I might call it “obligatory gift to those around you because you had the excitement of going to a different place for a bit while everyone else was stuck at work/home/school and would like a piece of your journey”. Continue reading

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Little things #1: Refill Your Life

In an effort to get back on the blog wagon (and also to get back to sharing more information with interested parties on the internet), I’ve put together a series of posts dealing not with grand topics and large adventures, … Continue reading

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