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Quick, look busy!

Japan is famous globally for its efficiency.  The statistics regarding productivity and timeliness from this culture are astounding.  The country runs on certain standards – respect and tradition are probably two of the most highly regarded qualities exemplified by the … Continue reading

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Japanese people say the darndest things 1: My Manager

This post was bound to happen.  If you follow me on twitter at all, you’ve probably already seen some of the stuff that comes from the mouths of both my students and the Japanese people I work with. The adults … Continue reading

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Teacher post: Oh, Thursdays…

Generally, I like my teaching job.  I can be very flexible with my lessons, I like my coworkers, and the pay relative to my schedule is great.  I’ve written mostly positive things about my teaching experiences and I try to … Continue reading

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Typical Tuesday

I put up a video a little while ago, and at the end of the video, I asked for any and all suggestions from viewers regarding what they’d like to see.  Overwhelmingly, the requests came in for me to share … Continue reading

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Never wearing a skirt to that class again

Week two of teaching my new classes went better than week one.  Week one was spent familiarizing myself with my students – learning names, getting a feel for the level of English I’d use in my classes, and trying to … Continue reading

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Settling in (again)

The process of adjusting to a new situation can be difficult.  There’s a new routine to become accustomed to, new people to get familiar with, and new rules to follow.  I’ve completed my first week of teaching my new classes … Continue reading

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First Contact

I’ve just arrived home from my first full week of observation at my new school.  I work Tuesday through Friday at a little school near Hitotsubashigakuen station in Kodaira.  This area is west of the metro Tokyo area, where I … Continue reading

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