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Photo Post: Scenes from Spring, 2011

This spring has been a little strange for Japan – March was eaten by a series of disasters we’re still dealing with, and April flew by in much the same way.  The end of April and very early May, however, … Continue reading

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The aftermath of the aftermath

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami now two weeks ago gave Japan a lot to clean up.  Most notably, the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Northern Japan.  Concern arose following the earthquake and tsunami when power was cut off to the … Continue reading

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One year in

One year ago today I was waking up at 4:00 AM in a freezing guesthouse in Yotsukaido because I was jetlagged after returning to Japan. I was about 20 minutes away from Narita airport, and extremely excited to start Season … Continue reading

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Japan: Life scripted

When you think about it, our lives are made up of a series of patterns. We fall into rhythms (some of us, ruts), and operate in much the same way from day to day. Eat, work, eat, sleep, shower, talk, … Continue reading

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Little things #4: Cover Me!

Japan  has garnered a reputation for itself as a number of things: responsible for the rest of the world’s knowledge of sushi, exporter of animations and games for geeks everywhere, leading provider and founder of tentacle porn, and…oh yeah, they … Continue reading

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Tokyo “Road Rage”

People all over the world have seen photos of Tokyo’s infamously crowded streets and intersections.  Movies have made crossings like Shibuya’s “scramble” well known.  It’s crazy to think that hundreds, sometimes thousands of people cross that intersection every time the … Continue reading

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Teacher post: Oh, Thursdays…

Generally, I like my teaching job.  I can be very flexible with my lessons, I like my coworkers, and the pay relative to my schedule is great.  I’ve written mostly positive things about my teaching experiences and I try to … Continue reading

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