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When good people get together

Since being back in the US, I find myself comparing many aspects of life here to life in Tokyo.  Transportation, people, food, shopping; there’s something to be said about the similarities and differences present even in the most mundane of … Continue reading

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Here, have some Oregon

I’ve received some queries as to the status of my job.  I got an email from the company yesterday letting me know that their first week back in the office after the New Year was quite busy, but they’ll know … Continue reading

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I’m stuck.  Stagnant, stymied, caught, going nowhere, and doing nothing.  The first couple weeks I was home there was a flurry of activity; I was applying like crazy to anywhere and everywhere I was qualified to work  in Tokyo.  There … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

As time has passed, our family’s holiday celebrations have become progressively less present-centric and more breakfast+talk centric.  A couple years ago we started a new tradition of writing family-related stories that we’d share with each other on Christmas morning as … Continue reading

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“They don’t have that here”

When I moved to Japan, one of my concerns was being “cut off” from some of the things most familiar to me; familiar foods, familiar places, even familiar people. I was worried I’d be unable to find something I really … Continue reading

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Nine below

Transplanting myself a couple of times over the last several months has forced me to re-adjust in a number of ways; I’ve adjusted housing situations, transportation options, and even what foods I eat. I gained a new perspective on the … Continue reading

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