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Scenes From Summer

I’ve gotten pretty backlogged with my photos.  Summer is finally winding down (at least, I think it is – some days the weather still seems unsure of what month is is), and we’re transitioning into Autumn, at long last.  The … Continue reading

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Square (or circle) dancing, Japan-style

Last weekend I attended Guji Odori, an old-fashioned Japanese style dance party. This particular festival/party features dances originating from the Gifu prefecture of Japan. Gifu prefecture is located West of the Tokyo area. Throughout the summer months, Gifu prefecture holds … Continue reading

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And now, for the “talent” portion…

Apologies for the lack of updates recently – haven’t been experiencing much that is both a) bloggable and b) I think to take photos of at the time.  But here’s something from Golden Week, my week of vacation where I … Continue reading

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Recap: Mt. Takao Firewalking Festival

This post is a little late in coming, because I put up the video first and subsequently became lazy about blogging it.  Apologies.  Here’s the written recap of the event. On Sunday, March 14th, 2010, I attended the Takaosan Hiwatari … Continue reading

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Never wearing a skirt to that class again

Week two of teaching my new classes went better than week one.  Week one was spent familiarizing myself with my students – learning names, getting a feel for the level of English I’d use in my classes, and trying to … Continue reading

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Settling in (again)

The process of adjusting to a new situation can be difficult.  There’s a new routine to become accustomed to, new people to get familiar with, and new rules to follow.  I’ve completed my first week of teaching my new classes … Continue reading

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First Contact

I’ve just arrived home from my first full week of observation at my new school.  I work Tuesday through Friday at a little school near Hitotsubashigakuen station in Kodaira.  This area is west of the metro Tokyo area, where I … Continue reading

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