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Moving Internet House

Hi readers, as I mentioned in my last post, a couple changes are happening here in the ArishaInTokyo online world. One of those changes includes the blog moving to its own personal domain (YAY!). I decided to make the move … Continue reading

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Ch-Ch-Changes (and Koalas)

Hello, readers! Just wanted to let you all know that there’s some happenings in the works. I know the blog has been pretty dormant for a while, but it’s not because I haven’t been up to something! Please check out … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Log, 9/28/11

Teacher’s log, day 28, month 9, year 2011. Started with madness, as all Wednesdays do. Manager had to chat with the five year old boys and promise stickers for good behavior. 15 minutes later they’re alternating between giving each other … Continue reading

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Little Things #6: Wi-Fi and you (in Tokyo)

I’m writing this post as an attempt to both provide information to readers and to rant. I’ve recently had the experience of attempting to connect to the internet out in public here in Tokyo, and it hasn’t been the easiest … Continue reading

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Mobile Blog: Wrap it up!

We encounter packaging everywhere. We complain about it, but we need it, to some degree. Much of our packaging is designed to be eye catching and exciting to attract the eyes of consumers, but there is an added element to … Continue reading

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Mobile blog: Drinks that are not for children

With the advent of summer comes a flurry of beverages. Many of the drinks you can find in Japan are seasonal; they are only available at certain times during the year (much like egg nog in the U.S. in December). … Continue reading

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Test post – Mobile blogging!

Hi readers, I’m using this post as a test to check out’s mobile blogging feature. I don’t have an exciting smart phone, so I have to blog via my phone’s email. I have some new content prepared (regular content) … Continue reading

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