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The aftermath of the aftermath

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami now two weeks ago gave Japan a lot to clean up.  Most notably, the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Northern Japan.  Concern arose following the earthquake and tsunami when power was cut off to the … Continue reading

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When the Lights Go Down in the City

In wake of recent events in northern Japan, much of the eastern region of the country has noticed some changes.  one of these changes is the institution of planned blackouts in designated groups throughout Tokyo and the surrounding areas.  At … Continue reading

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Update regarding nuclear reactors and radiation

Recent developments in the aftermath of Friday’s disasters have again brought up concerns about the safety of Japan’s residents.  I wanted to put together a resource page regarding these recent updates for concerned parties to check in real-time. Most recently … Continue reading

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Quick, look busy!

Japan is famous globally for its efficiency.  The statistics regarding productivity and timeliness from this culture are astounding.  The country runs on certain standards – respect and tradition are probably two of the most highly regarded qualities exemplified by the … Continue reading

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