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Japan: Life scripted

When you think about it, our lives are made up of a series of patterns. We fall into rhythms (some of us, ruts), and operate in much the same way from day to day. Eat, work, eat, sleep, shower, talk, … Continue reading

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Japanese people say the darndest things 2: My students

This post is brought to you by the Thursday class I refer to as my “life judges”.  Last week I did an activity to practice their writing skills.  I picked 7 pictures out of an 80’s English Textbook and they … Continue reading

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Little things #4: Cover Me!

Japan  has garnered a reputation for itself as a number of things: responsible for the rest of the world’s knowledge of sushi, exporter of animations and games for geeks everywhere, leading provider and founder of tentacle porn, and…oh yeah, they … Continue reading

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Recap: Winter Vacation

With winter comes 2 weeks of vacation time for me.  This year, I spent half of my time home in the states with family, and half of my time here in Tokyo.  Unfortunately, I managed to get sick a day … Continue reading

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