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Tokyo “Road Rage”

People all over the world have seen photos of Tokyo’s infamously crowded streets and intersections.  Movies have made crossings like Shibuya’s “scramble” well known.  It’s crazy to think that hundreds, sometimes thousands of people cross that intersection every time the … Continue reading

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Japanese people say the darndest things 1: My Manager

This post was bound to happen.  If you follow me on twitter at all, you’ve probably already seen some of the stuff that comes from the mouths of both my students and the Japanese people I work with. The adults … Continue reading

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Little Things #3: Things That Make Noise…but Shouldn’t.

Tokyo is, in my opinion, a pretty noisy city.  In residential areas, it’s quiet, but for the most part, hearing other humans being humans and doing humany things is unavoidable.  Train stations and shopping centers sometimes get to volumes so … Continue reading

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