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Teacher post: Dealing with “The Mob”

Generally, I like teaching on Fridays.  My students are easy to get along with, listen well, repeat well, and aren’t afraid to ask questions. There’s a class I have on Friday I refer to as “The Mob” in my lesson … Continue reading

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Photo Post: Rikugien, Autumn “Light Up” Event

During autumn, some parks in the Tokyo area put on a special display to highlight the changing colors of this season.  The beautiful reds, greens, oranges, and browns of fall are gorgeous.  Rikugien, one such park near Komagome station, is … Continue reading

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Teacher post: Oh, Thursdays…

Generally, I like my teaching job.  I can be very flexible with my lessons, I like my coworkers, and the pay relative to my schedule is great.  I’ve written mostly positive things about my teaching experiences and I try to … Continue reading

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Little Things #2: Oh! …miyage

Omiyage (pronounced oh-mee-yah-gay) can be roughly translated as souvenir. I might call it “obligatory gift to those around you because you had the excitement of going to a different place for a bit while everyone else was stuck at work/home/school and would like a piece of your journey”. Continue reading

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Teacher post: The Wee Ones

I know I haven’t written much about teaching.  I’ve done most of my storytelling and ranting and laughing about my job with other human beings here.  I forget that teaching English in Japan is a topic many people are interested … Continue reading

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Little things #1: Refill Your Life

In an effort to get back on the blog wagon (and also to get back to sharing more information with interested parties on the internet), I’ve put together a series of posts dealing not with grand topics and large adventures, … Continue reading

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