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I originally wrote up a behemoth of a post for this next update, but decided it’d be better to keep it short and sweet. I never thought I’d be saying or thinking this, but with every day that passes, I find myself believing more and more that Tokyo could be my permanent home. I’m amazed at how quickly that shift happened. When I walked out of my apartment this morning, I realized I was feeling things I never expected to feel here: Comfortable. Normal. Happy.

To me at this point, Tokyo holds many hidden wonders. There are things you can’t experience sitting at a computer screen (no matter how hard I may have tried). There are things in this city I would never have discovered without meeting people and learning from them. In the last week alone, I’ve been to a futuristic space-ish themed underground dining venue, a shrine in the middle of a pond surrounded by lily pads bigger than my head, and I wrote this post from a groovy dimly lit New York style restaurant in the middle of Akihabara.

Maybe I’m being naive. Maybe this feeling fades and I’ll settle into a routine. But is that really so bad? Part of me thinks there’s no way I could ever find a routine here. But at the same time, doing something new and exciting at every opportunity does get a little exhausting. Sometimes I find myself craving a day spent inside in my pajamas watching DVDs of my favorite TV shows. But I still just can’t even fathom how much of this city is still out there to explore and experience.

I wonder if work would give me a paying job? I love the people I work with and actually enjoy the time I spend with my two coworkers. At this point, my return trip in November seems too soon. I have a one way ticket back in January…and I’m really thinking I want to use it.

In less reflective news, I’m moving. The place where I’m living now is undoubtedly convenient, but I’ve already had to sacrifice my first and second unborn children in order to pay the rent. I’m checking out a place tomorrow in Nerima ku that is about 52,000 yen cheaper per month than the place I’m living in now. As long as nothing is horribly wrong with it, I think I’ll grab it. So I’ll be moving this weekend when I get a chance – work is going to keep me a little bit busy on Saturday, which is kind of a bummer. We’ve got a couple of events coming up on Friday and Saturday where we’ve got information booths, and I’m manning at least the one on Saturday from 11:00 to 5:00 or something like that. At least it means I’ll get a day off later in the week for having had to work on a Saturday.

Work is going well, despite activity starting to pick up. Our events are only a little over a month away, and it’s becoming obvious that tensions are starting to rise. But my coworkers keep it interesting and fun. I feel like I should keep a little notebook of all the insanely, inadvertently funny things my boss says. Today, for example: we were looking at a flier for the event at the US embassy compound we’re going to this weekend. It stressed that no pets or large bags/backpacks could be brought in, and you’d have to show photo ID to get in, etc. My boss goes: “Oh, okay, well I’ll just keep my glock and my uzi on my waist holster, in that case.”

I don’t think he understands how funny he really is. I’ll spend the entire day with him on Saturday – he always talks to me about his favorite comedians and tells his favorite jokes. The ones he chooses to tell would probably get him sued in the states, were I a more easily offended person. I don’t think I could ever hope for a better boss.

I’ll wrap this post up with some new pictures from my visits to the park this weekend. You can check them out in video form on my YouTube channel.

From home in Akihabara:



From Ueno park on Saturday:






From Yoyogi Park on Sunday:



Again, please check out the videos on YouTube if you want to see more about the parks. Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Update schmupdate

  1. Mom says:

    I knew you were going to love it! I am so happy for you…keeping filling your heart and mind with outstanding memories. XOXO

  2. Steve says:

    I can totally relate. It’s how I’ve come to appreciate the Seoul area. I’ve been in-country for a total of 9 months (6 months on a previous trip) and just don’t see myself leaving.

    I originally thought I’d do this for a few years, but as time passes, I just can’t see myself ever moving back to the US on a permanent basis.

    I too share the excitement of finding so many new things each day. I also relish in seeing all the new people people I find everywhere. It’s quite exciting.

    I try my best to share the experiences with those at home and abroad, but it is really best experienced by being here. If you can’t get a paying gig with your current employer, perhaps you’d like to return as an ESL teacher. With your experiences in Japan, I’m sure you’d be able to get a job easily.



  3. Aunt Joanne says:

    Beautiful country. Where can I find one of the Swan paddleboats in Ueno park? They are a kick!

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